Nevermind got it sorted thanks

To: "Webmin users list" <>
Sent: Saturday, 27 October, 2012 10:48:03 PM
Subject: [webmin-l] User unknown in virtual alias table;        for external email address

You may remeber my last post about email it was gettin very complicated, however now a week later i seem to have worked though most of it got sending and recieving going using a firewalled NATed virtual machine postfix transport server tricky stuff even impessed myself getting this running.  Guess this is just a bit of bragging here.

Anyways i have a few issues left to solve one is, send and recieve works most of the time, ie i can recieve mail from anywhere and can send email anywhere


Oct 27 22:20:01 host1 postfix/smtpd[11548]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from localhost.localdomain[]: 550 5.1.1 <>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table; from=<> to=<> proto=ESMTP helo=<>
Oct 27 22:20:01 host1 dovecot: IMAP( Disconnected: Logged out bytes=8/331

This email is a bit of a special case because it is actually hosted on a different server, so i do not have/need email features setup within virtualmin for this account.  However i do need to be able to send from my virtualmin users to this accout how come i get this error.

From: "Jamie Cameron" <>
To: "Webmin users list" <>
Sent: Tuesday, 16 October, 2012 10:18:01 PM
Subject: Re: [webmin-l] The procmail has 0 permissions

You shouldn't do another dpkg-reconfigure, as that will likely set your Postfix config back to the default state.

What specifically isn't working currently?

 On 16/Oct/2012 14:08 RYAN M. vAN GINNEKEN <> wrote ..
ok thanks again and again and again thats gotten it working, also i am sure virtualmin had set this stuff up correctly, but i had messed around with the postfix system on this machine awhile back, and probably broke it.

I think i have postfix set to local incoming mail only ie dpkg-reconfigure postfix is local delivery with smarthost relay.  If i do another reconfigure will it mess stuff up again? what is the best way to get incoming and outgoing email working with virtualmin again?

From: "Jamie Cameron" <>
To: "Webmin users list" <>
Sent: Tuesday, 16 October, 2012 2:35:23 PM
Subject: Re: [webmin-l] The procmail has 0 permissions

Yes, the line needs to be :

mailbox_command = /usr/bin/procmail-wrapper -o -a $DOMAIN -d $LOGNAME

Also, /usr/bin/procmail-wrapper needs to have these permissions :

# ls -l /usr/bin/procmail-wrapper 
-rwsr-sr-x. 1 root root 4994 May 10  2007 /usr/bin/procmail-wrapper

A default Virtualmin install should set all this up though.

On 16/Oct/2012 12:41 RYAN M. vAN GINNEKEN <> wrote ..

Hello again getting close to having virualmin running the way i like it and error free however i have couple of hurdles left working on debian squeeze and trying to get postfix working, or more to the point tring to get span/virus/procmail filter working but i keep getting this error.  Email is always tough to get going for me so i left it for last.  Anyways here is the error and some things i have done to try and fix it oh and as useual i ran may have messed things up by running a dpgk-reconfigure postfix and set it to local with smarthost as i did not think i was even going to use this system for email but now i am.

Failed to save enabled features : The procmail command procmail has 0 permissions, when it should be setuid and setgid to root. Email may not be properly delivered or checked for spam.

I have tried the following to fix it

grep mailbox_command /etc/postfix/
mailbox_command = procmail -a "$EXTENSION"

so tried changing it to this
mailbox_command = /usr/bin/procmail-wrapper -o -a $DOMAIN -d $LOGNAME

I do have a /etc/procmailrc this looks like
VIRTUALMIN=|/etc/webmin/virtual-server/ $LOGNAME
* ?/usr/bin/test "$EXITCODE" = "73"
* ?/usr/bin/test "$VIRTUALMIN" != ""
INCLUDERC=/ etc/we bmin/virtual-server/procmail/$VIRTUALMIN

 root@host1:/home/c0mputerking# chgrp root /usr/bin/procmail
root@host1:/home/c0mputerking#  ls -l /usr/bin/procmail
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 89720 Apr 25  2010 /usr/bin/procmail

root@host1:/home/c0mputerking# chmod ug+s /usr/bin/procmail
root@host1:/home/c0mputerking# ls -l /usr/bin/procmail
-rwsr-sr-x 1 root root 89720 Apr 25  2010 /usr/bin/procmail

 ls -l /usr/bin/procmail*
-rwsr-sr-x 1 root root 89720 Apr 25  2010 /usr/bin/procmail
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root mail  4536 Dec 13  2006 /usr/bin/procmail-wrapper

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