I’m having what I hope is a common enough problem that someone has a way to fix it…or can point me to what I’m missing.  I have a RHEL system that uses AD via a VAS PAM module for authentication.  I finally got the system to allow me to authenticate using the Unix password by explicitly adding the pam args from a different module (it didn’t like the “include” option) to the Webmin pam.d file. 
The problem I’m having now is that when I attempt to select a group or even individual users to add to Webmin, it only looks at the local groups and files.  The selection boxes show me the user/group lists and allow me to select them but then fails silently when clicking “save”.  I feel sure I’m missing something simple…some setting in the bowels of Webmin.  If I define the user by hand, it works just fine…however, I have hundreds of users I need to configure certain modules for and would prefer not to have to do them by hand.
Has anyone else run into this and how did you fix it?