The same thing happened to me
I had to run a command

update-rc.d <filename> defaults

for it to work.

From: Ben Johnson <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 1:52 PM
Subject: [webmin-l] Cron jobs set to "Simple schedule" -> "When system boots" are not run on startup


For some reason, when I go into "System" -> "Scheduled Cron Jobs" and
create a job on which I set "Simple schedule" -> "When system boots",
the job is never actually run on system boot. (Or if it is, it doesn't
succeed, and I can find no evidence of the failure.)

The cron job simply starts an executable (with the "&" appended). If I
edit the cron job in Webmin and click "Run Now", it does indeed run
correctly and without error, and I can see the process running on the

Might anyone have a theory as to what is happening here?

Thanks for any assistance. I sure do appreciate it.

Webmin version 1.650.


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