Thank you, for applying patches.
BTW, I found 2 lines that i forgot to remove from code in 0001-batch-support-for-password-change-at-next-login-for-.patch

&webmin_debug_log('ldap-batch',"going to set shadow last change");
&webmin_debug_log('ldap-batch',"finished to set change");

they were used for some debug output and can be freely removed before commiting changes to repo, sorry for that code.

В Пт., 30/09/2011 в 13:14 -0700, Jamie Cameron пишет:
On 30/Sep/2011 12:49 Dmitry Pavlov <> wrote ..
I added a feature request for adding support for force password change at next login feature in ldap-useradmin with patches attached to the ticket:

I'd like to know if inclusion of that feature is possible in webmin as it is now or maybe I need to correct patches somehow?

Dmitry Pavlov

Thanks for the notification - I didn't see that ticket. I have applied your patches though, and will include them in the next release.

BTW, an even better way to submit patches is via github. You can create a branch of Webmin, then submit a change which I can integrate into the main branch with a single click at ..

 - Jamie

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