Hi Enrique and Jamie,

Maybe this is not
pertinent to your situation Enrique.

What I do is execute all my "before and after" commands via a script.

All outputs of my scripts are sent to a file like /tmp/debug

I have another webmin custom command that i call  DEBUG to view /tmp/debug



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So  would it be more useful for you if the before-edit or after-edit command failed to have Webmin display an error message?
On 26/Aug/2011 00:35 Enrique Toledano <enrique.toledano@gmail.com> wrote ..
Hi Jamie:

That other fix doesnīt work either... :-(

What I'm trying to do is this: I need to take a configuration file from a Windows remote computer, so I can edit it, and after editing save it again to the remote PC. The before and after commands on the file editor are perfect for it, but I also would like to have the output of that commands.

For example, if the remote PC doesnīt have ping, I canīt take the configuration file, so I would like the before command output to show (preferibly with "html output"), and also, when the "after" command is executed I would like to see the output (maybe there's a net problem and the file has not been copied to the remote PC)

All this could be done if the before and after commands were exactly like the other custom commands (selecting user to run, html output, etc.) Could it be useful for more users?

Thanks again for your attention and great work
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