Hi everybody,

My name is Ivan Garcia,spanish, I'm also developer of OpenSource applications(like Subdownloader and Babiloo), mainly Python is my favorite language but Perl I consider is a great choice for Shell scripts, config files and in general managin Linux Systems, that's why I must say congratulations for WebMin.

Now my point is that I work for a company in Singapore that was using a home-made Java software named Quro to manage Users/Groups/Computers in a LDAP-Samba server(and branches). I was assigned few days ago to make enhancements on this propietary Java software but after seeing the mess of the outsourced code I decided to convince my bosses to use Webmin and enhance the module LDAP Users and Groups to make it fit with the requirements of our client. Due that Quro is not commercialized anymore and we just need to pick up the best long-term solution for our client, we decided to take the Webmin solution.

Our servers are in Suse Linux Entreprise 9 (I've already test webmin on our testing server, it works fine) this is the list of enhancements I need to do for Webmin LDAP Users and Groups:

1- Add documentation on the webmin wiki to explain all the configuration options.
2- Add the help.cgi link in many of the module config fields.
3- Enhance the LDAP attributes section in Configuration For module LDAP Users and Groups in order to enrich the type of attributes (so far there is only input text or textarea fields but no checking is done.) The reason of this is for example to add attribute types like email so I can check if the email has a good email format, or telephone numbers, etc, that can be done specifying an regexp (or using some function that webmin have already)
4- In the Create New Ldap User / Edit user allow to modify the  acctFlags: [         ] attribute by using 1 html checkboxes per acctFlag.
5- The same way we list all the Users and Groups, we would like to list also the Computers (under ou=Computers as normal) and during the editing or creation of new LDAP User, allow us to choose from which Computer will be this user only allowed to access from.
6- In Configuration we should allow the admin to specify the fields allowed to Search, so far is restricted to Uid, RealName and few more. What about searching an ANY attribute for?

I hope you guys give me some feedback letting me know if some of this features are already implemented or in process to be implemented that way I don't need to waste efforts programming them. Also if you think some options are not making sense or would not be good idea, let me know also.

Best Regards.