On 18/Sep/2007 05:03 Robin Vossen wrote ..

Im writing a webmin module for iDesk.
Since i have to setup a computer Diffrent Users use using xvnc on a gentoo PC.
Well i have made a VNC Module for Usermin so they get a Desktop and it has to be lightweight and stuff AND we want to show them GUIs or open office and stuff.

Well so, I thought since its for windows users.

How to make a Windows User understand Fluxbox..
And then I got it..
iDESK. SO I started on a Webmin Module for iDesk.

Its almost done now. I do have a couple of problems. (Since Ive never worked with CGI/Perl before..)
I have to do a small list: I have to intergrade the page with Webmin since well I HAVE NO CLUE how..
I mean that it still shows the list of other tools. Now it turns FullScreen :/
How can I do that?

if anyone knows.
Please let me know..
I don't quite follow what you are trying to achieve here .. could you explain in more detail ? Are you trying to integrate VNC into a Webmin module?

 - Jamie