There are two things you need to do before AWstats can be used for a domain :

  1. Select it on the Plugin Modules page (with ctrl-click to add to the selected list), and click Save.
  2. Go to a virtual server, and enable the AWstats reporting feature.
Domain owners should then be able to see the report, once it has been generated.

 - Jamie

On 29/Apr/2007 01:47 Munzir Taha wrote ..

Thanks a lot Jamie,
Now, I installed your nice virtualmin-awstats.wbm.gz and I configured the module to:
Server owner permissions View report only

But the user cannot find an AWstats Reporting link when he logs in. I tried to add the AWstats Reporting module to the user from the Extra Webmin modules but the user now can edit the module and can see the statistics for all the virtual hosts on the server. am I doing something wrong?

On 4/29/07, Jamie Cameron <> wrote:
On 28/Apr/2007 21:44 Munzir Taha (منذر   طه) wrote ..
> Hi Jamie,
> I am using the latest webmin and virtualmin (GPL) and I want to remove
> the  ability to "Change Domain Name" from existing webmin users so:
> On "Default domain owner limits", I set "Can rename domains?" to "no" but
> still the users have that option.

That is the default for new domains - if you want to change the setting for
an existing domain, you need to click on Edit Owner Limits on the left menu.

> I also cannot find any place where the user can add databases to his account
> though I set my users to have 2 databases each.

There should be a link to add on the Edit Databases page.

> Finally, when I installed usermin from the webmin modules interface I got:
> Installing Usermin with command rpm -U --ignoreos --ignorearch --nodeps
> \/tmp\/\.webmin\/534367_1_upgrade\.cgi ..
> Operating system is Generic Linux
> So usermin didn't detect the OS though webmin clearly indicates it's Redhat
> Enterprise Linux 5

Yeah, Usermin 1.270 doesn't know about RHEL 5. To fix this, remove it and
download the 1.273 version from

- Jamie