On 26/Feb/2007 12:19 Russ Ferriday wrote ..

On 26 Feb 2007, at 19:47, Jamie Cameron wrote:

Just to make sure that the quota is really being used, you could SSH in as the user and run the command :
quota -v
Let me know what that outputs..

- Jamie

-bash-3.00$ quota -v
Disk quotas for user yaddayadda (uid 516):
Filesystem blocks quota limit grace files quota limit grace
/dev/hda3 13080* 5120 0 none 20 0 0

Currently total, and admin are set for 200MB and 100MB resp.
Disk space used (including sub-servers)
44 MB (752 kB by Unix user, 44 MB by mail / FTP users)
Space used by databases
8192 bytes (8192 bytes in this server, 0 bytes in sub-servers)

If I give unlimited quota, in the VS page, no change.

BUT, I went to the Mail and FTP user page and noticed the user had local dir quota of 5MB, but used 13MB. So when I gave the user 40MB, and do my test again, it works!
AND, when I put the user back to 5MB (thi s bears on his home directory as I read it) even though he still has 13MB "used", (actually his home dir is practically empty most of his data is in svn,
-bash-3.00$ du -sh .
20K .
the problem does not come back!

SO raising his person quota temporarily and putting back again solved the problem "permanently".

There's more to quota than meets the eye.

So, I'm out of my fix, but I think there is still a problem somewhere in quota processing. If you need more data points, let me know.

So was this user the owner of the domain, or a separate mailbox account?

 - Jamie