Does it also not refresh if you click the Refresh Status button in Webmin (at the bottom of the page) ?

 - Jamie

On 30/Jan/2007 23:16 Addady wrote ..


No such environment variables under root.


Jamie Cameron wrote:

On 30/Jan/2007 06:04 Addady wrote ..

If you click on the Samba monitor in the web interface, is the 
'Check on schedule?' option set to one of the 'Yes..' modes?
Its "Yes, and use the default reporting mode"

Well yesterday night I got this email form webmin:

"Service monitor : Samba Servers down on servername" !!!

So it succeed in report the problem when run at the schedule time.

But when I try manually to make it send me report it doesn't.

Interesting ..
Do you have any CGI-related environment variables set at the command like
SCRIPT_NAME or SERVER_ROOT ? These may be confusing Webmin scripts..

 - Jamie

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