Ok, I see the problem here - Webmin's code to check which filesystem its root directory is on is buggy. I'll fix it in the next release.

 - Jamie

On 30/Oct/2006 12:54 Morris Hooten - SLS Business Infrastructure wrote ..
ok- i had one directory that was a lofs.

/export/ipg loops back to a dirctory in root called sun

my webmin directory was right in root /

i umounted the lofs and now can update modules in webmin.

therefore for some reason webmin saw the lofs which had nothing to do with webmins root directory
and stopped it from allowing updates

Jamie Cameron wrote On 10/30/06 11:58,:
Is the Webmin root directory for the server in this zone NFS or loopback mounted from outside? If so, you cannot install modules .. they must instead of installed into Webmin on the 'real' system.

 - Jamie

On 30/Oct/2006 09:00 Morris Hooten - SLS Business Infrastructure wrote ..
I have Webmin 1.3 running in a non-sparse zone and can't get past this error when trying to adda module.

I have webmin running in other zones fine without this issue.

I can't find a solution in the mail archives either.
Any hints? Can I get around this?

Webmin module cannot be installed or managed when the Webmin code is shared with another system, such as when it is running inside a Zone or mounted via NFS.

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