This is actually possible, via an un-documented option. Just edit the file /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf and add the line :


And then restart Webmin with /etc/webmin/restart . This will be run when a user logs out or times out, with the username, session ID, remote IP and local IP as parameters.
There is also a matching login_script parameter, but it doesn't sound like you need that.

 - Jamie

On 30/Oct/2006 10:06 Dave Isaacs wrote ..
Thanks!  That's great!  Looking forward to it.
Unfortunately, our customer want to take this an extra step.  They have in mind some sort of config audit process that will be kicked off whenever a webmin user logs out or a webmin session times out.  Kicking off a process when logging out of webmin seems straightforward enough.  It's the kicking off a process when timing out of webmin that concerns me.  If have no idea how to achieve this.  Any suggestions?
Dave I
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On 27/Oct/2006 10:51 Dave Isaacs wrote ..

From inspecting the source of the Postfix module, it appears that the Postfix module does almost no logging to the Webmin Actions Log.  Is this conclusion correct?  If yes, will this ever be remedied?

This is an issue because a customer of ours requires that changes to the Postfix configuration be auditable.  We can roll our own change-auditing process, but it would be nice if Webmin was doing it for us.


Dave I

That is (unfortunately) correct .. however, now that you have pointed it out, I do plan to add logging in the next Webmin release.

 - Jamie