Have you tried setting mode 711 instead? That allows anyone to chdir to the directory, but not list it ..

 - Jamie

On 31/Jul/2006 10:09 Russ Ferriday wrote ..
For either of the chmod versions, I get the following in /var/log/maillog

Jul 31 16:37:12 air660 dovecot: chdir(/home/topia/homes/russf) failed with uid 509: Permission denied
Jul 31 16:37:12 air660 imap-login: Login: russf.topia [::ffff:]
Jul 31 16:37:12 air660 dovecot: child 25628 (imap) returned error 89

Bear in mind my original problem, also. Users on virtual hosts, can by default read other users' homes, because permissions in general are 755.

Thanks for looking at this.


On 31 Jul 2006, at 17:32, Jamie Cameron wrote:

On 31/Jul/2006 08:34 Russ Ferriday wrote ..

Dovecot does not run as soon as I do either of
chmod o-rx /home/<virtdomain>
chmod o-rx /home/<virtdomain>/homes/user

Is there a recommended way of preventing a virt domain user being able to see the data of another virt domain user?

That is quite surprising, as Dovecot usually runs with the permissions of the user
who is logged in via IMAP or POP3. What exact error message are you getting from it?

- Jamie