What output do you get if you run the 'hostname' command at a shell prompt?

 - Jamie

On 31/May/2006 03:22 Kaiser, Hans wrote ..
Hello Jamie,

I am using ubuntu 5.10 with the default 1.230.
I have a configured hostname...

My settings are:
Hostname:          manni
DNS servers: and
Resolution order:  hosts, dns
search domains:           solar

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Hi Hans,
Webmin is supposed to use your system's hostname in the email message. However, it looks like your hostname is actually set to 'localhost' , which is quite odd. It can be changed in the Network Configuration module though.

 - Jamie

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       Hello again,
 If I use the default Email message subject, I get Backup of / on localhost, this is also very unhelpful, due to many servers which do the same backuptask.
 Is it possible to replace the localhost with at least the hostname?