Since nothing has come back from the list regarding this problem, I am assuming it is a bug. How can I report this bug? Since it runs fine from the command line as the same user, and does not run fine from within webmin, don't see what else it could be.
Well, maybe I guess. Here's the deal. Have a FreeBSD machine with Apache and virtual hosts, well, two so far. The main domain, I'll call A, the first virtual domain, I'll call B, and the second virtual domain, I'll call C.
All were set up from the same template. All are running Webalizer through webmin. A and B share the same IP address (name based), and C has it's own.
A and C generate reports just fine, B does not. Using generate report in Webmin for B yields:
Running Webalizer to generate report from /usr/home/virtual/discountp/logs/access_log ..
No valid records found!
.. Webalizer failed! See the output above for details.
But there ARE records. In fact, if I run webalizer outside of webmin from a command line using webalizer command, not the webmin perl script, it DOES generate a report. But not from within webmin. So, something is different, I just can't figure out what. The report is run as root from within webmin, no security concerns, as I said, it works outside of webmin anyway.