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From: Arnaud Aubert
To: webadmin-list@lists.sourceforge.net
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2001 8:03 AM
Subject: Sending mail with postfix

Hi there,
I use WEBMIN with POSTFIX on our server for mail. I use Qpopper for the POP. There is multiple domain on this server. Receving mail for the domains on this server works but when i want to sent mail via the serveur i have the following error:
Impossible d'envoyer le message car l'un des destinataires a été refusé par le serveur. L'adresse d'email refusée était 'xxxxx@xxx.com'. Objet 'cdcq', Compte : 'xxxxxxx.xxx, Serveur : 'smtp.xxxxxx.com', Protocole : SMTP, Réponse du serveur : '554 xxxxxx@xxx.com: Recipient address rejected: Relay access denied', Port : 25, Sécurisé (SSL) : Non, Erreur de serveur : 554, Numéro d'erreur : 0x800CCC79
Impossible to send the message because one of the destinations has been refused by the server. The address refused was xxxxx@xxx.com . Object 'cdcq', Account: 'xxxxxxx.xxx, Server 'smtp.xxxxxx.com', Protocol : SMTP, Response of the server: 554 xxxxxx@xxx.com: Recipient
address rejected: Relay axxess denied', Port : 25, Security (SSL): No, Error of Server : 554,
Number of error : 0x800CCC79
PostFix seam to be very difficult to set up and the documentation is not very good.
Note: I'm french so if there is a french speaker than can help me, it would be better for me.
Can you help me ??