Hi Maria,
An MX record has to be an A record:
@               IN      SOA     ns1.xxxxx.nl.  hostmaster.yourdomain.nl. (
                        2002011401 ; serial
                        16200 ; refresh
                        2700 ; retry
                        1209600 ; expire
                        1209600 ; default_ttl
ftp               IN      CNAME   yourdomain.nl.
mail             IN      A
www            IN      A       CNAME   yourdomain.nl.
@               IN      MX      5       mail.yourdomain.nl.
@               IN      NS      ns1.xxxxx.nl.
@               IN      NS      ns2.xxxxx.nl.
@               IN      A                    <<<< there has to be a reverse on this A record
Normally you can find this file in /var/named/mydomain.nl
If you are going to sent mail from that machine be sure that there is also a reverse on that IP (because of the anti-spm policies) . Otherwise your mail will be rejected on most answering mailservers.
Johan Guijt
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Subject: Once again, DNS confusion

Hi again all.
I have finally gotten my server ready, everything working fine now except the nameservers.
I plan to use dyndns.org instead of trying to setup Bind myself, until I have more time to learn it  a bit.
My only question is will this also direct my emails properly if I use this service.  They have some MX information but it just confuses me, but if using the service means I won't get emails, then I need to go ahead and setup Bind through webmin.
BTW Webmin ROCKS.  I have my ftp setup properly now, and everything else is in place except adding a few programs for security.  I don't think I would have been able to do it without webmin.
Thanks to all who has helped develope it, and I hope I can help contribute to webmin sometime in the future.