T_h.i.s Tuesd,ay i+t-s CYTV!_!!
G*e+t on C,Y_T,V Fir*st Thin'g on T-UESDA,Y, i,t_'.s go.ing to ex'pload!
Com_pany,: CHIN+A YOU_TV C+O,R-P (+O_T,C BB:,CY-TV.OB)
Symbol.: C.Y'T*V
Curren,t Price+: $+0...4-6
Mon'day Move,: (.U+p Over(*1+2.20%)
T-h e p_rice is at a m inimum it w.i*l,l b+o.o m on T*uesday!
Reco_mm endation: "STRONG_--BUY" starti. ng on Tuesd**ay, A.UGUST 1,4 , 2 0+0_6..
Br*eaki*ng N e-w-s*:
Chin_a Yo'uTV's Cn-Boo W_e,b S-i.t'e R-anks N*o .,1 on Micr +osoft L i'v-e Sear ch Engi'ne
Agg'r esive Tra*ders
G*e t in earl_y, t h,i's o+n-e c_a,n f'l i-p h,i_g-h retu,rns f,a,s*t+.
G+e t's or s*e-t+s t-h,e qu.ery in t'e,x*t fo_rmat.
C,o_r*e Wi-nFS is m-a*d+e up of t.h.e c'o.r e servic.*es t.h*a t y*o,u wou'ld exp*ect f-r_o'm a f-i-l+e sy,stem.
Fo*urcc DWO*RD medi.a t_a-g forme_r ly u.s.e d f.o_r Mic_ro.soft mu.'ltimedia types*.
Fou'r, five*, s.i.x -- seve,n t_imes t h-e.y m_e+t dur+ing t-h.e m.onth of J+u+n e,.
Spac*es a*n'd t-a.b*s out_side quota+tio,n ma.rks w+i'l.l be ig+nored.