#197 log to database

Danny Sauer

I have some automation which makes a whole lot of logged RPC calls. This results in a large log file, which slows down parsing and increases chances of a single file corruption damaging the log data. If I rotate the log files, then I can't search old log files. Since the user database now supports users in a database, it'd be neat if I could also have Webmin log to a database the same way.

Actually, I'd really like to have all of the configuration (ACLs, in particular) in the database so Webmin doesn't have to touch the filesystem so much - but let's take baby steps here. :)

I haven't looked at the code in depth yet to see how big of a hassle that'd be. But if it's not a huge deal, I may contribute a patch. I'll stick a feature request up here either way so someone will remember.


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