#188 Select radio button when text is entered


This may have already been suggested, but I could not find such a request. I have used webmin for many years and love it. There is one thing that messes me up frequently and today to a point where I thought, hey, lets request it.

This happens on several forms and the one that catches me the most often is Webmin Configuration -> Webmin Modules, there are several radio buttons that can be selected along with a text entry field (and possibly a selection menu ala the ... button). So, you click the button next to the Webmin Standard modules line, find the module you want, select it and then back on the Webmin Modules page click Install Module - only to get an error message that there was no file found - because the radio button for From local file is still selected.

Today I was stepping up to using the automatic slave DNS server feature. I got two of my web servers set up properly, but on the third one, after adding the slave name servers to the Webmin Server Index, I was getting No slave servers... when I clicked on Cluster Slave Servers. I did not have this problem on the other systems. I looked and sure enough the servers were there in the Webmin Server Index, and when clicking on the links I was taken to the servers. After searching for similar problems and reading dozens of unreleated issues online, I finally started searching for the proper scripts and dropping debug print statements into the webmin scripts. After all that, I finally noticed that the id.serv file contents on this rogue mahcine were different - they were missing the username/password to login. How did that happen. I went back and looked at the forms and sure enough the user names and passwords were entered there?

So, hey what gives?

A few more minutes of noodling and I finally noticed that I had forgotten to click the radio button next to Login via Webmin with username...

So, PLEASE, when a user types text into a text box associated with a radio button, as in the Webmin Modules and Webmin Server Index (and everywhere else), PLEASE automatically select the radio button.

I really hate it when I do something stupid and then get the opportunity to spend several hours figuring out just how dumb I am.