subversion installation

  • brian

    brian - 2007-10-24

    i've set up Virtualmin Subversion Repositories from within Webmin

    and amended a user in to enable svn:
    Edit Mail and FTP Users

    using ToirtoiseSVN and svn://
    however when I try and access the repository the server refuses the connection with the message
    Error * Can't connect to host '': No connection could be made because the target  machine actively refused it.

    has anybody set this up ?  I see in documentation that some people talk about 'svnserve'  should this also be installed ?


    • brian

      brian - 2008-01-15

      anybody got any further information where I can get help on this configuration and setup ?
      I'm sure I'm just missing something simple

      thanks in advance.

    • brian

      brian - 2008-01-15

      when I check the log I see the error:

      user 'user1' not found: /svn/ticket

      I have set up the user in "Edit Mail and FTP Users", email only, NO to DAV, YES to SVN
      I don't understand what else there is that needs done.
      tortoise path is


    • Jerico2day

      Jerico2day - 2008-11-21

      You also have to assign the user to a specific svn module. Once you create an SVN module, if you're the end user, login to virtualmin, go to "Edit mail and FTP users", then go to "Other user permissions", then highlight the appropriate SVN repositories you want the user to be able to access.


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