Anonymous - 2012-12-04

This is not a gripe but I was unable to find any conversation about this so hopefully it might help someone in the same boat as me today.
I was surprised by the addition of the directive "php_admin_value engine off" into every virtualhort entry in my httpd.conf file after the Version 3.96 (22nd November 2012) update. This add seemed to be indiscriminate and applied it to ALL sites. This of course caused every site that uses PHP to stop functioning and my team pulling their hair out trying to figure out what the heck happened.

I do not know if this was by design, to add in this fashion, but I think an existing site should have not been configured this way unless an admin turned it on. I am ok with adding by default for new sites but with a warning message.

Better warnings for future config changes like this would be very welcomed.