not working?

  • Frank Uccello
    Frank Uccello

    I have download both useradmin and virtualadmin I have unzip and ./ both .. they both came up and stated successfull

    but when I go to https://localhost:10000 it still same webadin no link, reference to virtualadmin it does not even come close to looking accroding to demo screen shoots.

    I look everwhere for it am I missing something?

    please help

    • L Stevens
      L Stevens

      Not that I have gotten it to work either but get to virtualmin goto https://localhost:10000/virtual-server

    • L Stevens
      L Stevens

      In webmin Click on Servers, you should now see "Virtualmin Virtual Servers" in the list/

      From Webmin I also had to goto WEBMIN USERS and edit my user to get access to Virtualmin.  Under "Avaliable Webmin modules" / "Servers" :  Virtualmin Virtual Servers (GPL) WAS NOT CHECKED (probably because I installed virtualadmin after I installed webmin

    • Joe Cooper
      Joe Cooper

      Hey guys,

      Virtualmin is a much more complex installation process than just installing the module (sorry, there's no avoiding it--Virtualmin works with so many services, and they are all configured a little differently depending on the OS and version).

      We've provided a script that automatically performs all of those steps on a few systems (CentOS 4/5, Debian 4.0, and Ubuntu 8.04 at this time for GPL, plus several more for the Professional version).  You can find it at .  Assuming you are running one of the supported systems and it's a fresh OS install, the script will give you a fully working Virtualmin installation in just a few minutes (and if it doesn't I'd want to hear about it, so I can fix it).

      I've also started on a manual installation guide here, if you can't run the install script for some reason (either you have a production system rather than a fresh OS install, or you are running a system not supported by the installer):,manual_virtualmin_installation/

      It covers a few bits and pieces, but there's still a ton of stuff not covered.

      But the "it doesn't look like the screenshots" issue is just a matter of installing the Virtualmin Framed Theme and switching over to it.  But that won't get you a working Virtualmin system.  ;-)

      • Shanta

        I am running Lenny on both my system. Of course the script fails with can't identify os.