Can I create a virtualserver with a subdomain

  • Pebblestone

    Pebblestone - 2007-06-13

    I want to create a virtual server but the domain name is a subdomain of an existing virtual server. for example, I have configured on the server and I want the new one to be with ftp/mysql's username as xxx.

    Can I do this in Virtualmin GPL?


    • Joe Cooper

      Joe Cooper - 2007-06-20

      Sure.  Just create a new virtual server, and name it whatever you like (including a sub-domain of an existing virtual server).  Virtualmin doesn't care about names.  Since you want a new administrative user, you should create a new virtual server account.

      If you did happen to want the new virtual server to be owned and administered by the parent domain, you'd create a sub-server instead:

      Click Create Virtual Server (assuming you're using the Virtualmin Framed Theme)

      Click "Sub-server" in the "New virtual server type:" menu at the top of the create server page

      Fill in the details

      Save it

      All done.


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