Webmin / virtualmin configuration transfer

  • Jean-Marc Coursimault

    Hi all,
    I just had a crash on a web / mail / mysql / etc server administered with Webmin. After a hectic weekend transferring data and rebuilding various (non-web/virtual-min) configuration files, I would like to restore as much of the Webmin/Virtualmin config as possible, i.e. the Webmin users with their passwords and permissions, which sites are administered by Virtualmin, which users / mail accounts / alias belong to which site, etc. This _without_ changing the system configuration files I painfully recovered.
    Is there a way to do that ? I guess that each module has its own data/config files, but perhaps there are some standard filenames and locations ? The Webmin config on the crashed server is 1.510 with all modules up-to-date.
    - Jean-Marc

  • Jean-Marc Coursimault

    Answering to myself :
    "Dude, just have a look at Webmin / BackupConfiguration files and everything is already there, including the options to backup Webmin and/or server config and transferring it via SSH." Sorry for the noise and kudos for a job well done !


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