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Change password problem through usermin

  • Edward Leung

    Edward Leung - 2010-11-01

    Dear All,

    Mine is Fedora 11 Linux system, webmin 1.510 and usermin 1.440…

    Must we create new user password by using webmin first, then user can change their own password by using usermin ?

    Thanks !


  • gandolf

    gandolf - 2010-11-07

    Must we create new user password by using webmin first,? NO
    you determine if user can change pw…..
    it sounds like you are running haphazard…. before you jump about it is best that your system/user roles be clearly laid out and that policies are written and adhered to… otherwise you will do too much troubleshooting!
    you can pretty much do as you like.. webmin users need not be real users.

  • gmarcin

    gmarcin - 2011-05-27

    My problem:

    User after login cannot change password using usermin, system response:

    Failed to change password : Old password is incorrect

    My system is RPM based PLD, with usermin-1.470-1

    What is wrong?


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