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  • EagleLink

    EagleLink - 2007-08-06

    Hi, I'd like to know if it is possible to automatically add the host name to the login when a person logs into usermin.  I know on the login page it shows the host name that you connected to.  For example, when I go to it shows in the login box "Webmin server on"  But if I set apache to redirect on port 80 to on 10000, then it would show the host as  Because I host multiple domains, my usernames are, and so it requires you to type the whole thing in when you log in to check your e-mail.  I'd like to be able to set it to automatically add the to the user name when logging in.  If someone could tell me how to do this I'd appreciate it.


    • Joe Cooper

      Joe Cooper - 2007-08-07

      Yes, this is possible, though you probably don't want to do it based on domain name.

      More useful, usually, is to use the /etc/postfix/virtual or sendmail generics file to map the real username to the user@domain.tld.

      For Postfix, you'd do the following:

      Browse to Webmin:Usermin Configuration:Usermin Module Configuration:Read Mail page

      Locate the option labeled From: address mapping file, and set it to /etc/postfix/virtual

      Locate the option labeled Address mapping file format, and set it to Address to username (virtusertable)

      Save it.

      In Sendmail, the file would be /etc/generics or /etc/sendmail/generics, and the format would be "Username to address".

      • gandolf

        gandolf - 2009-03-16

        ps... i do NOT like to use the @domain as part of the login name because then the email is then the username which then gives hackers at least a start. for usermin, we are talking about system users, not virtual users confined to email. i hope you have that straight. (if i am in error, plz correct me).

        WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE, is the USER LOGIN NAME at the top of the screen in white against the blue back (caldera styled)

    • EagleLink

      EagleLink - 2007-08-09

      I'm not sure I'm understanding what you are saying, or perhaps you didn't fully understand what I was saying.  You are talking about mapping a real username to username@host.  since I have multiple domains, the settings for creating a user in virtualmin are set to make them as username@host.  So username@host IS the real user name.  Also, I do not use Postfix, just sendmail.  Should I be using postfix?  Would that be hard to switch over to after already using sendmail?



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