ITHelp - 2013-03-16

Good day all,

I'm a newbee to your forum and, please, apologize for any stupid question I may ask …

So, I'm using Webmin 1.600 on a CentOS Linux 5.8.
One of my users willing to use PhpMyadmin, I put online Usermin Version 1.540.

Then I upload the usermin "PhpMyadmin" module (phpMyAdmin link 1.1)

Finally, I put the "system hostname" in the PhpMyAdmin's module configuration, here : phpMyAdmin URL to open .

But now, if I connect to the website using sermon:
-> Others
-> MySQL Database (phpMyAdmin),
Then : "Error - File Not Found" is display .

Can you help me ?

And thanks for any help :)
Have a greed week end !