David Leigh - 2011-12-12

I've been trying simply to install the DAV server for quite some time.  I had followed the links in the USERMIN configuration screens to install the Perl XML stuff but it always died at the end with not very helpful messages.  I read somewhere that perhaps the dev packages were needed (I'm running Ubuntu) but adding them didn't help.  What finally allowed me to get the WebDAV server installed and working was libxml-libxml-perl.  Maybe that will help some poor soul in the same dead-end chase.

My real question now is how to get it to work.  There's not much documentation for the DAV server on Usermin and most DAV clients seem to expect port 80 as the communications port.  So, I finally figured out that with the DAV server, the Usermin port is what is used and one simply uses the "/dav" folder at the end of the URL (or whatever you specified in the configuration) to access it.

So, for example my URL to my Usermin session is:


Now I can WebDAV by using:


I can browse via http in the browser, but it seems that I need to know exactly the file I want to, for example, use the DAV URL file/folder tree to open up a document in Microsoft Word.  If I give it the name of a folder, it simply opens up the HTML of the file list as the file I want.  There is no navigation.

So I'll keep exploring, but if anyone knows what I might be doing wrong or could point me to some good docs, that would be most appreciated.