nedxbaxter - 2006-11-15

Question is? what file is webmin modifying?

Webmin 1.290
Sendmail Relay Domains (CR) (:10000/sendmail/list_relay.cgi)

My Procedure:

1. I removed all virtual domains listed within the text area and saved them into XP notepad by cut/paste.
2. (This server uses ENSIM to add domains and that is how this file came into existence).
3. The file WAS listed something like this:

[DEFAULT] = site1 = site2 = site3

then I clicked SAVE.
Using SSH service sendmail restart, yep, sendmail stopped working. ok. everything stopped.. ok...

Then I pasted my orignial site info back into the text area but it wouldn't save because the = sign.

Is not the Webmin file accessing and modifying the /etc/virtualhosting/mappings/smtp_relay.domainmap file?

If so they are not jiving, jibs.

How can I restore the original data? I have no email working on 25 sites.

Help. Thank you.