Mysql Database page failing

Jim Rolt
  • Jim Rolt

    Jim Rolt - 2009-03-14

    Ive just created a new user and they can log into usermin. However when trying to go to the MySQL Database tab the following appears:
    Failed to list databases : HASH(0x8b10610)
    I can log into mysql using a terminal window with the same username and password.
    Any ideas on why this message is appearing?
    Many thanks!

    • Håkan Arvidsson

      I have the same problem , error log:

      Failed to list databases : HASH(0xff6490)
      Call Stack Trace
      File     Line     Function
      ./     162     WebminCore::error
      /usr/local/usermin-1.390/mysql/index.cgi     60     mysql::list_databases
      (eval 16)     6     (eval)
      /usr/local/usermin-1.390/     2133     (eval)
      /usr/local/usermin-1.390/     752     miniserv::handle_request

      Runing Debain 4.0


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