Anonymous - 2012-07-23

I KNOW I'm doing something terribly wrong, but I haven't figured it out yet and could really use someone to smack me upside the head….

I have an instance of webmin running on a machine.  It's been running fine for a while. We use it to give java developers access to some build and deploy scripts.  SO to do that, we cloned the "Custom Commands" module and made it available to all.

Now we have a requirement to limit who can build/deploy which applications based on active directory groups.  So, I thought I could install usermin to handle this, but I have 2 issues:

When I clone "Custom Commands" and don't make any edits, it's picking up one of the Custom Command clones I have in my webmin instance.

That may not be so bad, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to edit this new Custom Commands module clone to put in the specific scripts I want.  I'm trying to configure usermin from within webmin.  Where do I go to actually edit the script that is being run, parameters, etc…

Perhaps this is all covered in a doc somewhere that I just havent' seen. If someone wants to start by pointing me to the manual, I'm happy to do some reading. It seems like this is just so basic I shouldn't be having as much trouble as I am getting it set up.