Randal Cobb - 2009-09-29

I just installed Usermin 1.420 on a server that uses LDAP for pam authentication but none of my LDAP based users can log-in via Usermin.  They can, however, log in using SSH on the same host.  I've read a few posts found on Google about ensuring that Usermin is configured to do pam authentication, and according to the usermin authentication configuration, it is.  I've double-checked the /etc/pam.d/usermin module, and it contains:

auth      required         pam_secret.so
auth      required         pam_nologin.so
auth      include           system-auth

account      include           system-auth

password      include           system-auth

session      include           system-auth

Any ideas how I can debug what might be happening, or what I need to look at to fix this?

Thanks in advance!