Shanta - 2008-09-01


I have been trying to get mail working with virtualmin.

I installed webmin using apt-get on a clean server. I then added virtualadmin.

All tested out fine except for mysql. With the repository changed I could not get it installed.

I disabled mysql and got the system to verify.

I then added one domain at a time.

I started with and

Added to email address through virtualmin.

They created the default user.domain I did not want this as I like user@domain.

I changed the template to the format I wanted.

I deleted two address in and added them again.

They now don't work. The mail server receives the mail and forwards it to another address but reports user dose not exist

here is the error message that  I get
<> (expanded from <>):
    unknown user: "shanta"

Address created with user.domain format seems to work fine.

How can I fix these two problems?

Shanta McBain

The system will not allow mail to be picked up by mail readers. mail is only accessible in usermin or webmin.