Hide system hostname at Account information p

  • weeteck

    weeteck - 2008-12-18

    Any idea how to remove the system hostname or use the host used to access usermin to show as system host?

    • Raynor Lin

      Raynor Lin - 2009-04-17

      Dear weetek:

      Did you solve the remove "Account Information" , did you solve ?

      For some security issue, I also need to do this.

    • Raynor Lin

      Raynor Lin - 2009-04-17

      Dear weetek:

      I search the forums, found the solution.

      Edit "left.cgi" in /usr/libexec/usermin/virtual-server-theme (in my Fedora 10 server)

      Then find "# Show system information link"

      # Show system information link
      print "<div class='linkwithicon'><img src='images/gohome.png' alt=''>\n";
      if ($mode eq "vm2") {
             $sparam = $server ? "&amp;id=$server->{'id'}" : "";
             print "<div class='aftericon'><a target=right href='right.cgi?open=system&open=vm2servers&open=updates&amp;open=owner$sparam'>$text{'left_home'}</a></div></div>\n";
      elsif (&get_product_name() eq 'usermin') {
             print "<div class='aftericon'><a target=right href='right.cgi?open=system&amp;open=common'>$text{'left_home2'}</a></div></div>\n";
      else {
             $dparam = $d ? "&amp;dom=$d->{'id'}" : "";
             print "<div class='aftericon'><a target=right href='right.cgi?open=system&amp;auto=status&amp;open=updates&amp;open=reseller$dparam'>$text{'left_home'}</a></div></div>\n";

      Disable above with #

      PS: disable "Search" also edit left.cgi

      # Show module/help search form
      if (-r "$root_directory/webmin_search.cgi") {
             print $text{'left_search'},"&nbsp;";
             print &ui_textbox("search", undef, 10);

    • gandolf

      gandolf - 2009-05-05

      from what module????

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-05-30

    To remove the hostname from usermin, edit:

    "left.cgi" in /usr/libexec/usermin/virtual-server-theme

    find the script lines :

    # Show email address and real name
    print $fromaddr->,"<br>\n" if ($fromaddr->);
    print $fromaddr->,"\n";

    replace it with:

           # Show email address and real name
    # print $fromaddr->,"<br>\n" if ($fromaddr->);
            print "<b>User: </b>$fromaddr->\n";

    Now it will shows User: Username


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