David Brown - 2007-01-28

Hello Usermin Gurus, I can't get to the webmin mailing list anymore so I going to give the discussion crowd a shot. I am a long time Usermin/Webmin user (2000 or so). Notwithstanding, I have been confronted by a vexing problem. I run two SMTPds managed by Webmin of course. The SMTPDs are run on seperate boxes. One box is much newer than the other box. The Webmin and SMTPd that is installed (Postfix) are relatively up-to-date. Only the Usermin versions differ between the two boxes (1.150 vs 1.250). I am surprised at the difference in how Usermin manages Read Mail folders between the two versions. The 1.250 version does not allow the creation of Maildir/ (Qmail) type folders. Unfortunately, all of my users folders on the earlier version of Usermin (1.150) are of the type: Maildir/. I need to migrate all of my users from the "Old" box to the "New" box. Please advise. All rants and raves welcomed. Geez.