phpMyAdmin usermin module problems

  • Isaac

    Isaac - 2010-12-22

    I've searched around and found nothing on this.

    After installing the module when I log into Usermin and click MySQL Database (phpMyAdmin) Firefox says unable to connect, then I looked at the link it is taking me to, it's attempting to take me to "https://domain:20000/phpmyadmin", but if i take the port out then it goes through fine.

    The question is, is there something wrong with the link? if so how do i fix this?

    Or is something wrong with my server? Again if so how do I go about fixing this?

    I thought about editting phpmyadmin.conf and adding aliases for :2000/phpmyadmin, but was not sure adding the port will work, I'm going to try this while you guys check out the problem.

  • ITHelp

    ITHelp - 2013-03-16

    Good day itellup,

    Did you fix your problem ?
    And, by the way, I'm a newbee, can you just tell me how to install phpmyadmin ?
    I upload the module "MySQL Database (phpMyAdmin)", but then, when I log in Usermin, the following message is displayed "Error - File not found" .

    Thanks for any help :)



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