how duz 1 browz to.../user/{name}/public_html

  • gandolf

    gandolf - 2009-03-16

    i have seen this feature available. i have see it published as http://\{site}/username but that did not work for me. there is a {username}/web/index.html.

    • Frank Laczko Jr.

      are you wanting to DAV connect to that address or allow users to have thier own web sites at that address? (i.e. public_html)

      • gandolf

        gandolf - 2009-05-05

        DAV? (i should know, i dont) this public_html is in .../user/{username}... i just checked back over few days past and recall that this is http://#.#.#.#/users/username- as i best recall. directory is available to user from usermin ... menuitem = web. checked about the net, not much there except in aussie (figures) must be a personal page thing. funny, i cant get back to it.

    • cole

      cole - 2009-04-13

      Sounds to me like you need to start in the apache configs and make sure how apache is configured.  Most I've seen are /home/{name}/public_html/... and then available as http://\{site}/~{name}/...

      hope this helps, post back for more feedback as not understood


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