No LOGout feature?

  • webby

    webby - 2007-02-01

    I installed the script together with Webmin and I didn't have a problem.  I played around with the usermin, I didn't see any logout link after I login.  Is this missing really missing?  Can you help me create one? 

    • M Hopcroft

      M Hopcroft - 2007-02-01

      The logout button should be in the upper right corner, above the usermin toolbar... do you see a toolbar? The logout button is a .jpg image, do you have images turned off or something?

    • Joe Cooper

      Joe Cooper - 2007-06-20

      If you've switched Usermin to HTTP authentication, instead of session-based authentication, then no logout is actually possible (because the browser caches auth details).  Only a "switch user" button is provided.  If that's what you see, then you're using HTTP authentication, and logging out isn't available, and can't be.


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