Zone Defaults (Template) -Help please.

  • Timpa

    Timpa - 2010-01-22

    I'm trying to add a zone default template

    I would like to add defaults for all new master domains
    MX 5
    MX 10
    MX 15
    www IN A <ip>
    domain IN A <ip>

    All this as defaults for my new domains, How to do?
    I've tried all diffrent ways but i can't figure it out
    using CentOS 5.4 x64 and Webmin 1.500

  • d elleray

    d elleray - 2010-01-22

    here is mine… with your domain details..

    ;//created delleray africonnect 2010
                    IN  MX  5
                IN  MX  10
                IN  MX  15
    www IN  A   123.456.789.123 ;// default to standard
                   IN   A   123.456.789.123 ;// default to standard
    ;//end default template


  • d elleray

    d elleray - 2010-01-22

    and note the trailing .
    in the MX lines.
    otherwise it will add the real domain name on the end

  • Timpa

    Timpa - 2010-01-23

    Well, i'm mening this:


    But it gives me wrong information.
    Zone file:
    cat testzone.hosts

    $ttl 3600 IN SOA ns1.<domain>. admin.<domain>. (
    3600 ) IN NS ns1.<domain>. IN NS ns2.<domain>. IN MX 5 mail.<domain>. IN MX 10 mx.<domain>.
    www IN CNAME
    @ IN A <ip>

  • d elleray

    d elleray - 2010-01-23

    i quoted a template (as per your thread header) not  the zone defaults settings.

    why not try using a file with those entries…

    what you have is exactly what you keyed into the zone defaults form.
    (e.g. with the '@' entry.)


  • hkais

    hkais - 2013-02-16

    how did you fix your issue?
    I have the same problems, and the doc says nothing about it


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