Use only DHCP Module in webmin

  • nishith vyas

    nishith vyas - 2014-02-21


    I am using webmin to manage "DHCP" Server since many years.

    Now, I want to use only DHCP Service in webmin,as I am going to handover webmin setup to client. By default, webmin provides all linux related services for easy management, which actually I don't want in my case.

    So, let me know if I can use only DHCP Service (Only DHCP Tab/Button can be viewed), when I give webmin user name & password.

    Is it possible? Interested users/exeprts can mail me directly on ""

    Nishith N.Vyas

  • nishith vyas

    nishith vyas - 2014-02-21

    Is it possible to give only DHCP Service tab using "usermin" in webmin?

  • nishith vyas

    nishith vyas - 2014-02-25

    webmin tool solved my problem.


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