path to perl question

Jim Colton
  • Jim Colton

    Jim Colton - 2013-09-07

    Good day and I am as of yesterday, new to Webmin and what it has to offer. I am getting ready to install it on a VPS CentOS 6 64.

    The docs I feel need a little tweaking?

    I have not downloaded or started the process, as I am not sure of the EXACT path to perl I should use? running # perl -V gives me 6 results

    Built under linux
    Compiled at Nov 6 2011 00:38:44

    I also am unsure able Webmin log directory also.

    Thanks in advance!!


  • Fred Grayson

    Fred Grayson - 2013-09-12

    Since you are on CentOS is there some reason you can not install the Webmin RPM package?


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