hansaplast - 2014-02-26


The buttons [Start/Stop and Restart Bacula] in the Bacula Backup System do
not function correctly. Only the bacula-dir daemon is stopped and returns
and an error is returned.

Failed to stop Bacula : Failed to start bacula-dir :

Shutting down bacula-dir: [ OK ]

I took a look at the code and found the problem.

System: CentOS release 6.4
Webmin: webmin-1.660-1

File: bacula-backup-lib.pl
Function: run_all_inits
ln: 626
Result: Error handling fails.

Clicking [Stop Bacula] button executes init::stop_action (ln 626). The
returned result is incorrectly handled. For now I've commented out the error
handling but a 'real' developer should fix this.

Best Regards, Hansa

<       if ($err) {
<               return &text('start_erun', "<tt>$i</tt>",
<               }
>       #if ($err) {
>       #       return &text('start_erun', "<tt>$i</tt>",
>       #       }
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