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Webmin displays wrong Operating System

  • mojorisin

    mojorisin - 2012-03-10


    today I was updating CentOS 5.7 to 5.8 through Webmin. However my browser crashed and the updating process was cancelled at 80%. So I restarted the browser and finished the pending updates via Webmin. Terminal now returns

    # cat /etc/redhat-release
    CentOS release 5.8 (Final)

    But webmin System Information still gives me 5.7. I assume that this is a result of the browser crash and the information was not updated in webmin. How can I update the information in webmin? (update from 5.6  to 5.7 automatically changed the system information to the new version)

  • d elleray

    d elleray - 2012-03-10

    simply go to webmin > webmin configuration > operating system

    and tick the box  "Update Webmin to use detected OS"

    Detected operating system CentOS Linux 5.8
    Update Webmin to use detected OS


  • mojorisin

    mojorisin - 2012-03-10

    Thanks buddy, it's working!!!

  • Steve Valliere

    Steve Valliere - 2012-03-28

    simply go to webmin > webmin configuration > operating system

    and tick the box "Update Webmin to use detected OS"

    I'm running webmin 1.580 on Ubuntu 11.10 and instead of "operating system"  I have a config panel named "Operating System and Environment."  The panel I have shows the detected operating system, but does not have the checkbox you reference.  Instead, it just has a field where I may manually type in the OS version number and a listbox where I may select the OS name.  Is there a better version of webmin that can automatically pull this info?  It would be nice if I did not need to remember to manually update webmin when I upgrade the OS - which will probably be happening again in a month or two.

  • snickers2k

    snickers2k - 2014-07-15

    same here... no box for "update webmin to use detected OS" ... :(
    but know that it was working once...

  • Daniel Brotsky

    Daniel Brotsky - 2014-08-01

    In Webmin 1.690 on my Ubuntu 14.04.1 server (which I recently upgraded from 12.x), the System Information page was still reporting 12.x but at the bottom it said "Detected operating system is 14.04.1" and there was a button labeled "Update to Detected Operating System"; pressing that button did the trick.


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