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  • Rodrigo

    Rodrigo - 2007-03-27

    I need to setup a status monitor to send out an email... but i cant see an option to select an external server. seems like its only sending it to the local sendmail, but i dont have sendmail running on this server and i cant have it running.

    Anyone got any idea of how to tell webmin to use another mail server?

    • Joe Cooper

      Joe Cooper - 2007-04-02

      In the System and Server Status module, click the "Scheduled Monitoring" button.

      Find the option labeled "Send mail via", and check the "SMTP Server" option.  Fill in the name of the mail server to use to send.  You can either choose the destination server (so if you always send to your mailbox, you could use your mail server and it'll relay without complaint) or you can setup the receiving server to relay for the Webmin server.

    • Rodrigo

      Rodrigo - 2007-04-03

      mmm not so simple...

      Cant make changest to the mail server as i dont have access to it.

      Need to specify server name and port address, plus username and password, which i dont see a field for.


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