DHCP > Static Routes

  • The Relentless

    The Relentless - 2007-01-10

    What is the format for entering a static route in the text box provided?

    • The Relentless

      The Relentless - 2007-01-11

      Nevermind.  Figured it out.  If anyone is interested it is:


      And you can add more than one pair separated by a space:

          subnet1,gateway1 subnet2,gateway2 subnet3,gateway1

      • Rick Beare

        Rick Beare - 2015-07-30

        I am not sure I am understanding This is how I am putting it in the box, and so on.

        But does the gateway come first or subnet, and do you list like this. I do not get any errors but it does not route? Is there anything else that is needed I am running Webmin 1.760


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