Anonymous - 2012-03-13

First question: does anyone know why the Printer Administration module will not show USB connections?  I installed Ubuntu Server 11.10 with default options and my USB printer plugged in.  The very next thing I did was install Webmin.  Everything is updated; OS lists the printer on bus 003:002 as it should be.

Second question: since I can't get Webmin Printer Admin to show a USB connection, I installed an HP Officejet 5610 USB using HPLIP.  It installed and printed a test page on the server fine.  When I go to Printer Administration in Webmin the printer shows up.  If I try to change anything (like "print banner" to "optional") and click save I get this error: "Failed to save printer : 'hp:/usb/Officejet_5600_series?serial=CN5CQDE46G04CY' does not exist"

What does this mean?  Is Webmin Printer Administration useful for configuring anything other than an LPT printer connection?  If so, how?  It still will not give the option for a USB connection.

(Running Ubuntu Server 11.10)