Maurelius747 - 2013-02-21

All of my web sites are being installed on the "/" (/dev/sda1) directory which is only 9.4gb. There is another 318gb on the EC2 instance. Can I increase /dev/sda1? How do I use /dev/sdb? Running out of disk space causes the server to crash regularly.

Welcome to Virtualmin GPL on EC2
# df -h
Filesystem            Size      Used     Avail    Use%   Mounted on
/dev/sda1              9.9G      9.4G     104K   100%     /
/dev/sdb                335G    195M     318G       1%     /mnt
none                      871M        0         871M       0%    /dev/shm

Was there an option when the EC2 image was setup so I could give sda1 a much larger size? It seems to be quite small as a default size for a web server. Is this something I could have changed at setup?

It took me a long time to discover this error. I would really appreciate a fix. Otherwise, webmin-ec2 has been very reliable!