karatekid86 - 2013-07-17

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 13.10, and yes I am aware it's still in alpha stage. I wanted to help out with the bug reporting. On my system I have Webmin installed, mostly to control automatic updates. I have it set up to check for updates every hour and install any it finds. After that it emails me a report on how it went. Since the upgrade it no longer works, which shouldn't be a surprise given Ubuntu 13.10 is alpha stage. When I check for updates in the system the normal way, they appear just like normal. But when I check via Webmin it doesn't see any of them. On top of that outgoing emails from Webmin won't go through. It could be that the updates themselves are installing, but the report never gets sent out. Normally I use Postfix to handle the outgoing mail for Webmin, and up until now it has worked flawlessly. I have a very similar setup on my Ubuntu 12.04 file server, and it has been working fine. It could be that my system is getting alpha updates that Webmin can't see, but that still doesn't explain the outgoing mail problem. Either way I could use some help if anyone is willing. Ubuntu 13.10 runs great even at this early stage.