BIND9 slave zone empty

  • juone

    juone - 2012-06-04


    I use the lastest webmin (with bind module) to configure a master/slave DNS on 2 servers

    My both server are CentOS6.2 64bits

    config cluster are ok but when i create a primary zone with webmin, the file is create on slave (slaves/ directory) on slave but the file is empty !

    if i make a rndc reload to force sync the log on slave is :

    Jun  4 15:01:07 localhost named: zone has 0 SOA records
    Jun  4 15:01:07 localhost named: zone has no NS records
    Jun  4 15:01:07 localhost named: zone saved '/var/named/slaves/' as '/var/named/slaves/db-r78mf4wl'

    and the file db-r78mf4wl is empty. i think they are a problem with push config on slave with webmin

    i check all permission on directory and file but i dont find any trouble

    have you an idea ?


  • juone

    juone - 2012-06-04

    hmm i see that webmin dont restart (reconfig) the master after add a new zone, so the slave can't transfert the zone because she dont exist on master.

    on Webmin the reconfig must be do manually ?


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